GRCC Honors Program Scholarship

The GRCC Honors Program provides scholarship opportunities to help you fund your honors curriculum. The honors program is a small community of highly motivated students who want more out of their college experience. Success in this program is not only measured by academic performance, degree completion or transfer, but also includes building collaborative relationships with faculty and peers.

Program Eligibility:

  • Students who have applied and been accepted by the college and meet one or more of the below criteria:
  • Incoming freshmen who have a either a 3.5 Cumulative GPA, or 1160 SAT score, or a 24 Composite ACT score are encouraged to apply.
  • Current students who are eligible for college-level Math and English courses “and” earned at least 6 college-level credits, but no more than 30 “and” has a 3.5 overall GPA for all completed college-level coursework

Supplemental Questions
  1. I understand that the Honors Program has an additional application process outside of the scholarship application in order to be considered.
  2. Honors Program Application