Black Africana Student Union (BASU) Hardship Grant

This grant is available to an active member of the BASU who is experiencing a financial hardship, which may result in them not attending courses, or dropping out of school all together.

The student must have met the criteria as outlined below:

1. Completed an application/info card. (online) (BASU Bylaws Art. III, Section 3.1)
2. Been present at three consecutive regular meetings before being able to vote. (BASU Bylaws Art. III, Section 3.2)
3. Is present at a meeting where a voting/decision making issue is at hand. (BASU Bylaws Art. III, Section 3.3)
4. Supported the activities of the Black Africana Student Union. (BASU Bylaws Art. III, Section 1.3)
5. Be able to specify the use of the funds being requested, and provide documentation upon request.

The grant will not exceed the amount of $500 dollars. No students will be awarded the grant more than once in a semester. Each application will be approved or denied by the Executive Board; however, the applicant’s identity will be kept private, with the exception of the Advisor and the Foundation Staff.